Nobody is a stranger. 


We founded Monarch several years after graduating from The University of Alabama. A year prior, we created a Kickstarter to help fund some of the costs. In 30 days, the goal was exceeded and three months later we moved back to Tuscaloosa to open this community-powered coffee shop, Monarch. 

People often ask "why Tuscaloosa?" Here's our attempt at sharing why nowhere else was ever an option in our mind. 

It's unique to be in a small town with global diversity and in a place that is constantly challenged with new ideas and a fiery creativity from both students and from those who choose to put down their roots. The university adds fluidity to the southern town, making it a place small enough to know people by name and large enough to enjoy people very different from yourself. 

We created Monarch to be a place that unreservedly embraces everybody and to be the excuse we all need to get out of the house, read a book for pleasure, play a board game or sip coffee with a friend. We hope the richness of Tuscaloosa and the individuality of people are appreciated here. We desire for all the dimensions of this town to be represented in this space.

From day one, you've made this endeavor to open Monarch the most rewarding adventure we've ever pursued. See you next time. 

Paul + Audrey Vermilyea





714 22nd Avenue
Tuscaloosa, AL


M-Sa 7a-10p


Free parking deck 7th St
Street parking 22nd Ave, 23rd Ave, 7th St, 8th St.