New coffees are hitting our pour over bar and espresso and we're feeling all kinds of excited, caffeinated and ready to share them with you. This fall, our team got hooked on Onyx coffee. We met them at a latte art competition, started trying their coffee behind our bar and following their story. 

We felt connected to what they had built. Somehow in the midst of growing several cafes and taking on an expansive wholesale program, Onyx continued to stay down to earth, owner-driven, price-transparent and obsessed with amazing coffee. 

With Onyx we love that their single origins pay homage to the people who grew the coffee and give info on the above fair trade prices they pay. In many cases, they are visiting the actual farms the coffees are coming from and forming relationships that last much longer than a season. 

Once the coffee is in their possession in Fayetteville, Arkansas, their roasting and cupping process is extensive. They don't silo their coffees into light, medium and dark roasts. Instead, they roast on a scale, described from traditional to modern. 

At Monarch, we'll be serving their Monarch blend (magic, we know) on our espresso. You'll dig it because it captures all that chocolatey goodness when mixed with milk, but stands bold on its own. It's an interesting blend of Guatemalan and Ethiopian beans, and we will keep some on our retail shelves because it also works well as an at-home drip. 

We'll be rotating our pour overs seasonally, but to start we will have a Columbia Miguel Loaiza, a Rwanda Kanyege, Ethiopia Guji. 

Our whole team is taking a road trip out to Onyx to get further training with them and immerse ourselves in their culture. We can't wait to bring back more goodness to share with you guys. Who we are working with matters so much to us because coffee is all about people and relationships. Come try the new espresso and pour overs and let us know what you think!